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We offer various forms of auditing and certification. We can help you and, depending on the specific situation within your company, offer a service to suit.


Pre- audit

Opting for a pre-audit will enable you to examine to what extent you can implement Halal and food safety in your quality management system. First we ask detailed information about your organisation. Then we will use our pre-Halal-checklist to assess and review that information. You will have an extensive audit report containing the Critical Halal Points (CHPs) and any other possible improvements. The pre-audit is a good basis for the final certification and you can use this as a baseline measurement.


Certification audit

When you have decided to proceed with the implementation of Halal and food safety in your current quality system you will opt for a certification audit. On the basis of our extensive Halal checklist we assess all processes within your company and supply you with the results in a comprehensive audit report. During this audit you will have a fixed consultant. If all CHPs and other recommendations have been addressed, we can move to certification. 



We offer various forms of certification. You can apply for a batch certification, a system certification or an overall company certification.


Batch certification

The batch certification is the solution for companies that run one-off or per batch Halal production. It is often asked whether one of the existing products of a company can also be delivered as a Halal product. Sometimes the company would like to examine its potential on the Halal market. A batch certification provides a good opportunity to gain insight into the Halal market.  


System certification

This form of certification is the preferred choice in situations where the raw materials and originating products already are Halal and a customer wants to know whether the processes within your company comply with the Halal management system. Your customer wants a system certification to ensure that the Halal nature of the products has been guaranteed.  


Overall company certification

If you can see a lot of potential in the Halal market or want to add value with Halal, we can carry out a full certification scheme. Companies that choose this form of certification often have a practical application from a potential customer. All business processes will be audited in this form of certification.