Certification path

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Step A: Tender/Order

After receiving our tender, you can take your time to study the offer. In the short term we will contact you to discuss the tender and the auditing procedure. If you decide to accept the tender, you need only to sign and return the tender and application form. After processing your application, we will contact you with regard to the next steps in the auditing procedure.


Step B: Preliminary investigation (Pre-audit)

A preliminary investigation or pre-audit service is an additional check prior to the audit to see whether your organisation is ready for certification. This will give you a clear picture of the status of your system. During the pre-audit you will receive specific feedback from the auditor. A pre-audit is a good basis for the final certification and you can consider it a baseline measurement.


Step C: Investigation en implementation

On the basis of the activities of your organisation an auditor will be allocated to you. During this phase our auditor will work through your current quality manual and, where necessary, Halal will be implemented. After the evaluation of the document you will receive a report of the auditor’s findings and the program for the next stage. There is the opportunity for deficiencies to be resolved even before that time.
If, in the Halal system, many deficiencies are found, the auditor may decide to break off the audit. Your organisation will have the opportunity to make adjustments to your system. After a period of time the audit will again be carried out in its entirety.


Step D: Verification

The verification will normally take place a few weeks, but no later than six months, after the examination, to make sure that you have had sufficient time to process the findings in your system. At your own request, it is possible to reduce the time between steps C and D. The auditor will determine whether what is described in the manual has been carried out in practice and whether this is in accordance with the standard.  


Step E: Succession

After the verification we will visit you twice a year. The auditor will make an appointment with you on a day that Halal production is scheduled.


Step F: Renewal

Halal Audit Company maintains the principle of continuous certification. It is therefore not necessary to carry out a complete certification audit after three years. Instead we carry out a renewal, which involves an extensive follow-up visit, in which all aspects of your system are tested. This audit will be held in the fourth year of your certification.